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  2. themaryjanewatson:

    Sam Raimi’s version of Mary Jane Watson was actually a mixture of MJ’s and Gwen Stacy’s personality and traits. As a nod to that, in the first movie Kirsten is wearing a green coat with a purple blouse underneath, the color scheme of Gwen’s famous “death outfit” and a black headband and chunky leather boots, also trademarks of Gwen’s.

    #WHAT GWEN STACY PERSONALITY TRAITS #ALL I REMEMBER IS #’Save me Spider-Man! Saaaave meee!’ #granted she had a few moments here and there but you know she was just there to be a damsel in distress (tags via nerdyspiderman)

    hmm. we must have watched different movies.

    Clearly, because that’s kinda what she was.

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    Song of the Day: “What I’m Not” by Demon Hunter from EXTREMIST.

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  4. I WILL work here. It is my destiny.


  5. I just wish people here would focus less on what they are, but WHO they are. Your identity should be you, not whatever group you may or may not belong to.

    You owe fealty to none but yourself. Your choices are your own. Your behavior is your own. Your beliefs should be your own. All else, color, sexuality, gender, sex, all is irrelevant compared to what lies within yourself. The rest is just window dressing.


  6. So if O-Parts Hunter/666 Satan ever did get an anime… which studio should animate it?

    I’m leaning toward Bones myself, but who’d all y’all out there like to see do it?

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    The internet’s most beloved geek, Wil Wheaton, calls out misogyny in gaming, and confronts the men who attack him for doing so. Incredible. 

    Go fuck yourself Wheaton.




    Jesus christ, what’s happening to everyone lately?

    Lol he’s always been an ass kissing little twat, no surprise here.

    "Nice guy" Wheaton

    None of those comments were misogynist, they all only said “Hey let’s discuss the lack of journalistic integrity in gaming journalism.”

    What a fucking shill.

    I believe Picard said it best…

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  10. maniacaltoaster said: Wait, you mean the "Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.” That... wasn't racist. It was an angry reference to the guy owning the Redskins football team who made up a foundation called something like Original Americans Foundation. (Taking away the title Native American) Which as Stephen said "Which must've been fine. 'cause I haven't heard shit about it." I was actually furious with the morons who made #cancelcolbert, because they couldn't do basic research.






    It doesn’t matter if you didn’t find it racist; numerous East Asian people did. That’s what matters.

    Then they didn’t pay attention to current events. With Colbert’s Twitter, that’s kinda a crucial thing to do so you don’t look like a complete idiot. Which these people look like.

    … what the fuck, you don’t get to decide whether something we find offensive was legitimate or not.

    Oh I get it now. So because you found it offensive, every single other Asian person out there must find it offensive. I forgot all Asians are a hive-mind.

    Normally I’d be saying someone needs to be more careful with what they say, but look at the freaking name of the made up organization. That’s as obvious as you can get with satire.

    …Are they not aware that it was the very idea of racism itself that was being mocked?  There is a tremendous difference between someone kicking a puppy, and someone else kicking the person who kicked the puppy.  Besides that, even a good chunk of the Asian community was making fun of Suey Park.  A group of Taiwanese animators even made this animation in response to the whole thing. 

    And then, of course, there are the responses from the people that the joke was actually intending to stand up for:


    This not the Oppression Olympics.  It is not a fucking contest to see who is the most persecuted, and you can also stop trying to speak for others who are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves. 

    Your opinion is not everyone’s opinion.  Your feelings are not everyone’s feelings.  It’s just a shame tumblr can’t seem to get that idea through their thick little skulls.

    I find that ironic… because numerous Native Americans and those of Native descent (myself included) have said they’re perfectly fine with that name, yet there are activist groups that opt to speak for all of US… but that’s okay, I guess.

    You know what’s stupid? This entire thing, that’s what.

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    Feminists like Laci Green don’t want women to be able to protect themselves from rapists. They don’t care that this could save people’s lives. They don’t care that could prevent women from being raped.

    No. They are worried we might be ‘victim blaming’. :(

    This is why women don’t need feminism.

    fuck protecting ourselves. feminism is going to get rid of rape once and for all! just like the police got rid of crime.  and like the military got rid of wars.  hell, put aside the fact that there has been rape since the beginning of humanity, THESE women, THESE feminists of 2014, THESE people who cry over a video game character.  THEY’RE going to be the ones to end it!


    "The problem isn’t that women don’t know when there are roofies in their drink; the problem is people putting roofies in their drink in the first place"
    — Rebecca Nagle, co-director of the activist group Force: Upsetting Rape Culture

    >the real problem is the problem it’s combating


    These feminists literally promote rape.

    They’re rape promoters in defense of ideology.

    That’s how powerful group think is.

    Laci Green against protecting women? No shit. With all the problematic things she’s said and done in the past, you’re naive to believe she has anyone’s best interest. Whenever people like this fight against women protecting themselves, it’s as if they want women to be harmed. That’s scary. 


    I’m sorry, am I supposed to believe that we’re not teaching people rape is bad?

    I mean, the rapist is only portrayed as a monster in most every form of media out there…

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  12. Anonymous said: when i first joined tumblr i thought 'poc' meant pirates of the caribbean


    Y’argh, matey. Check your white privilege, or else walk the plank!


  13. o-part-tactician:


    Everyone: “OMG Naruto rip-off!!! I can’t believe they can get away with this plagiarism!! Stop copying Naruto!!!!!!!”


    Everyone: “This is fine”


    A few reasons:

    1. Fairy Tail is, by and large, incredibly repetitive and generic storytelling that really relies on nothing new, doesn’t really go anywhere, and has characters that learn the same lessons over… and over… and over… all while winning in impossible situations due to “Nakama Power”. (Especially Erza)

    2. O-Parts was actually a pretty interesting story that, while starting in familiar territory, took a very different path, and had characters develop in a very realistic way; also, even when characters worked together for a common goal, it in no way meant they were now in complete agreement or “close buds”, as seen in the still-tense relationship Jio and Cross have later on. Something lacking in the Shonen genre.

    3. Because Naruto fans are very quick to leap on any and everything they think “stole” from Naruto but ignore any and everything that Naruto took from anything else, calling it an “homage”, or arguing that it was out first so couldn’t have taken from a manga released after it.

    4. Because Naruto, by comparison, is also quite generic and has fallen apart heavily in the second part, especially the final arc, and yet O-Parts is accused of having the “horrible and rushed ending” despite what was foreshadowed throughout finally coming to pass; this is primarily because it’s not the stereotypical “Shonen Characters Always Find A Way!” narrative that people claim to hate and yet get mad if it isn’t present for the sake of characters they like.

    5. The ambiguous ending is also often criticized because it does not spell out a 100% definitive ending or fate for certain characters/makes it seem there was room for more that wasn’t done. Should be noted Dragon Ball ended the same way and yet managed to become one of the most beloved anime/manga of all time, and the writer, Akira Toriyama, said he ended it in such a way that the story could live on in the imaginations and hearts of the readers, that it was only as limited as they wanted it to be. It should ALSO be pointed out Seishi said many times that was one of his favorite series growing up, and Toriyama was a HUGE influence on him and his work.

    6. It deserves an anime but likely won’t get it for the BS reason that people will accuse it of “ripping off Naruto” there as well. Despite Fairy Tail not receiving the same stigma. However FT has one thing in it’s court: an over-abundance of “sexy women” and a crapton of fanservice, even in the artist’s sketch work. Fanservice sells anymore, hence why every other anime out anymore in a generic fanservice harem series. It’s sad, but… there it is. I’m not saying that’s all FT is, but it certainly helps it.

    So yeah, there’s a number of possible reasons. lol


  14. metal-socks:

    People about the new 3DS be like “Why the fuck is Nintendo making a new one?” but back then it was like


    "Here’s three GBAs and two regular Gameboys"

    Except that the GBAs still played GBA games and the GameBoys still played GameBoy games. Save for the Color, which was… kinda BS tbh, but still was at least new. This is like, one new stick and a few tweaks, and now “Exclusive” games that will force you to upgrade to be able to play them. Buy the same hardware with a few new things to it.

    It’s like the Sega 32X all over again.

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    ladies and gentlemen, the american education system

    My school apparently ran out of toilet paper a few weeks ago and my Spanish teacher was telling the girls to keep a roll in their purses and the guys to keep a roll in our backpacks. North American Education system.

    this is basically any public school in the world tbh

    I don’t remember my school EVER having toilet paper.

    Mine has cheap horrible toilet paper that hurts your butt and soap is not a thing

    we had soap but it was always gross and covered in someone’s hair

    also there would frequently be blood all over the floor and the cleaning lady wouldn’t bother to clean it up for weeks and there would be small stains of blood on the floor and the FUCKING WINDOWSILL (?????????) 24/7

    Poop smeared across all the walls in the girl’s toilets. Never got cleaned up until one of the students cleaned it.

    okay. okay. you win.

    My school is gross and a boy high on weed was caught taking a shit in one of the urinals.

    jesus h. christ dat shit cray cray

    And I thought my high school was bad because there was this one bathroom near the back of the school that they never ever cleaned and it had no mirrors and one of the door hinges on one of the stalls was always broken.

    I went to a small, cheap, underfunded parochial school. We always had needed materials.

    We also learned the history other schools need a whole “month” for right alongside everything else.

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