1. Anonymous said: Seriously, though..what IS the relationship between you and ultradork?


    Seriously though, what IS your obsession with this. Assuming of course, that you are the same Anon who asked him that question. 

    He’s a friend who’s cool and nice and who shares some of the same views on certain things I do. But you already knew that since he told you the same thing.

    I wanna know why you are so interested in this.


  2. pull-of-a-trigger:

    Chie Satonaka - Persona 4: Dancing All Night { x }

    Why did they have to make her so cute in this game? Why…

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  3. superheroes-or-whatever:

    Spider-Man and Mary Jane by Mike Deodato

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  5. villainquoteoftheday:

    "Fall. You are alone, child. There is only darkness for you, and only death for your people. These ancients are only the beginning. I will command a great and terrible army. We will sail to a billion worlds. We will sail until every light has been extinguished. You are strong, child. But I am beyond strength. I am the end. And I have come for you, Finn."

    -The Lich, “Adventure Time”

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  6. kwmurphy:


    I believe that I have once and for all solved the mystery of what is in the mysterious briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

    Clearly, my friend and cowriter Conor has unmasked a deep conspiracy.

  7. Basic takeaway from this trailer:
    It appears the Story is going to involve someone or something going back in time and altering the story. Some force that changes things. Raditz glowing eyes and aura change, then dodges both Gohan’s bash and Piccolo’s beam so only Goku dies, for example.

    Cut to the future and Trunks is sending your custom character back in time to try to stop whatever is causing this and set things right, as well as try to stop them mucking with time in general.

    Interesting concept and certainly makes things make more sense than going back and screwing with history for poops and giggles.

  8. chestnutisland:

    "26; Heroes."

  9. larstheyeti:

    September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day.

    Remember, it’s contagious, so talk like a pirate into your sleeve.

  10. malachaibarker:








    This has been a public service announcement

    How about you go fuck yourself and let people enjoy what they want.


    Tough guy hiding behind a screen. Lolz. Tollz feeding trollz. Good job bruh. You make fun of people to feel better about yourself. Thank you for helping set back humanity a few years. Grow the fuck up and get a job. Oh wait, wasn’t that your advice?


    I’m enjoying feeding this troll. Let’s see how high his standing is on a social media site because people ‘like’ his posts.


    i’m loving these madden gifs

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  11. shinjirotaiga:


    Free him



  13. scott-pilgrimage:


    i think it’s cute when someone admits they have a crush on you

    i think it’s a fucking miracle 

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  14. Dragon Ball Xenoverse gameplay from Tokyo Game Show.

  15. chestnutisland:

    HAPPY K18 DAY!!!

    Figured we could start this day of with some smooches! This is a queued post. Keep an eye out for more goodies specially for today!

    Also, fill that submit box if you want/can! I would love to get some K18 stuff from you lovely followers to celebrate this day in STYLE! It can be anything! Drawings, fiction, graphics and whatever else as long as it is for K18 day ^_^. Anonymous submissions are allowed!